My Broadway Sabbatical

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Hi, I’m Kristine Covillo Lynch and I am on a Broadway Sabbatical. What does this mean? Well, it means that after years of dancing professionally in dance companies, the Rockettes and on Broadway, I am hanging up the shoes for a bit to explore life further. I just had my first child a year and a half ago, and have another one on the way in a few short months! Another exciting development is I started grad school at Columbia University this past year. I’m studying Nonprofit Management…it’s basically an MBA for nonprofit organizations. As most arts organizations are nonprofits, I’ve been active and interested in this sector for quite a while. I hope to give back to the arts industry in a meaningful way, since it has been such an influential part my life.

This Fall, I’m taking an awesome Marketing and Communications class. I hope to get some relevant tools and information from this class to put towards helping some great nonprofit organizations here in NYC. I'm hoping to get partnered up with Harlem School of the Arts. It's an awesome school offering students a high level arts education. The school offers classes in an array of disciplines: Music, Dance, Theatre and Voice. Their website is It is a pretty good and navigable site. Adding a blog would definitely improve their website and web traffic though. Their "digital face" could also be improved by improving its Instagram profile. They could definitely use more followers, and perhaps some more dynamic, artistic and interactive posts. They currently have a couple thousand followers, which isn't too bad, but individual posts don't get many likes or comments. Encouraging some more two-way dialogues would be great for the organization and the school.

Another organization that I think would be interesting to partner with is Friends of the Children. This amazing organization offers paid, long-term (12 years), mentors for children in need. Mentors are so important for impressionable children. Making sure that these mentors are in it for the long haul is such a wonderful idea. I'm surprised I had never heard of this organization before. Their "digital face" could be improved. They have a good and informative website (, but barely have any presence on Instagram. I think they could also benefit from more dynamic and interactive posts, or from a blog. Perhaps they could feature various mentors or great mentor/child stories?

Stay tuned, and I’ll tell you more about my adventures with grad school, nonprofits, motherhood, and staying fit while pregnant…craziest sabbatical ever!

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