"Ms. Covillo, one of Mr. Jenkins's strongest dancers, possesses a ravenous ability to leap into a spin devoid of a wobble."  

                                        -GIA KOURLAS, THE NEW YORK TIMES





                                                                             - TIME OUT NEW YORK MAGAZINE

“...there are many other accomplished dancers in the show… Stephen Hanna and Kristine Covillo stand out for their own pas de deux during “Lonely Town”


                                                                                                                                      -VIEWS AND REVIEWS 2014 by Abigail Arnold


* Kristine is on a Broadway Sabbatical! She recently had a baby, and has another on the way!  Check out her blog explaining all she is doing during this break including: dancing while pregnant, and pursuing a graduate degree at Columbia University!


*Check out Kristine's Choreography reel!


*Excerpts of Kristine in THE METROPOLITAN OPERA's production  of "Die Fledermaus"can be found below:



*Check out Kristine on the cover of CHANCE MAGAZINE!


*Kristine finished performing in ON THE TOWN on Broadway as the Lonely Town Girl, featured in the Lonely Town Pas De Deux.  She danced in ON THE TOWN alongside the famed Ballerina MISTY COPELAND, until Sept 6.


*Kristine was featured in the July/Aug 2015 issue of DANCE SPIRIT MAGAZINE


*Kristine performed at the Tony Awards for the 4th time on June 7, 2015 with ON THE TOWN


*Kristine finished a 3 year project starring in, and choreographing over 20 music videos for the late artist, Jodi McQueen: